The biggest and baddest QW assembly in recent years!
44Days left
15.207Prizepool in SEK
# Player Clan Rent need Travel Certainty Comment
1 Zalon FA No renting Car 100% Let's go!
2 Andeh -sd- No renting Car 100% Caster
3 bps -sd- No renting Car 100%
4 Jehar TStv No renting Flying 100% GET PSYCHED!
5 DeFRaG None No renting Flying 50% AKA Sphax
6 dirtbox DNA PC, Monitor Flying 100% Deutschland, Nederlands, Australia
7 andrestone ANUS No renting Flying 100% I'm dev.
8 Rasta DNA No renting Flying 100% JAH is on his way
9 LocKtar -sd- No renting Car 100% Livin' the dream
10 lordlame Monitor Flying 70% Can I haz RA spawn?
11 feffe -sd- No renting Car 100% NE SHER VE TEP
12 rio -sd- No renting Car 100%
13 nigve -sd- No renting Car 100% feffe
14 RottenRose TStv No renting Flying 100%
15 Lornelin QH No renting Car 100% lolwut
16 BLooD_DoG DP PC, Monitor Flying 80% No honeymoon excuse this time!
17 raket 020 No renting Car 90%
18 erlend No renting Car 100% A festivus for the rest of us!
19 panic-banned FA44 No renting Car 50% I'm banned from QW :(
20 eb DNA PC, Monitor Flying 100% Who authorized this prac?!
21 Rikoll -sd- No renting Car 100% Jag kommer, typ
22 Hagge csn PC, Monitor Flying 100% I'm here to win everything!
23 locust No renting Car 100%
24 z0mbie90 0200 No renting Car 50% m00
25 |187 csn No renting Flying 90% osthyvel
26 phantasy No renting Car 80%
27 ok98 -sd- No renting Car 100% Nu kör vi typ!
28 rkd No renting Car 100%
29 dsharp3 DRz No renting Car 100% fotography / videography / Interview
30 Jissse No renting Car 100% I'm coming for you bps <3
31 mehmetaliaydin PC Car 100% Turkish kebap
32 cara -sd- No renting Car 70% Will know later if 0 or 100%.
33 Hooraytio csn No renting Car 100% Jag har gul med grön
34 Elguapo csn No renting Car 80% Be
35 oddjob ToT No renting Car 100% vill hyra CRT-skärm
36 RaggA No renting Flying 50% Why not, need a holiday :-)
37 sassa ToT Monitor Car 90% Allah is with me
38 flintheart No renting Car 80%
39 bittin_ TQP No renting Car 90%
40 praxismo none No renting Car 10% no
41 kip -fu- No renting Car 100%
42 Tenhi -fu- No renting Car 100%
43 GoldenHorse No renting Car 90% Fun! I will ask a friend to come also
44 Bal0n No renting Flying 50% If yes, prolly 1 or 2 nights only!
45 Culkey -fu- No renting Car 100% It's been a while
46 mur! ANUS PC Flying 50%
47 timotej 0200 No renting Car 50%
48 klov3r 42 PC, Monitor Flying 70% You smell like a woman! -LocKtar
49 blsp No renting Car 80% Yup
50 znappe` free No renting Car 80% kvejk? wtf!?
51 Ignition 2nd No renting Car 90% If you don't come 1st...
52 -faerie- PC, Monitor Car 80%
53 tummen 2nd No renting Car 90% If you don't come 1st...
54 raz0 FA Monitor Flying 90% Mon Zalon stadig piver når jeg tæver ham på DM4?
55 qkzgutoo ANUS PC, Monitor Flying 50% gt here
56 grisling No renting Car 80% Jag egeh typ (c) ok98
57 goorol Monitor Car 80%
58 dcpooll dc Monitor Car 50%
59 goqsane No renting Flying 100% Already bought my tickets so can't back off!!! QHLAN, SEE YOU THERE <3
60 Loonex No renting Car 50%
61 Shaka 020 No renting Car 60% :)
62 rafaeltrape LoW PC, Monitor Flying 70% cheater-low (not currently active!)
63 Lurq 0200 No renting Car 50%
64 Slutbox OTAS PC Flying 100% Need accom or space to sleep and monitor headphones
65 norules csn No renting Flying 100% my fans asked me come \o_
66 dvgn No renting Car 70%
67 Link LSD No renting Car 50% A4 life kills qw but i will be there if Panic is there :-)
68 Viruz_ No renting Car 70% This will be fun!
69 er huy Monitor Flying 70%
70 xazqe BLT No renting Car 100% Broadcast Production Audio
71 skulker TERA PC, Monitor Flying 70%
72 Thor.X No renting Car 100% Cu there Skulker
73 Larre No renting Car 50%
74 tsobo 4X PC, Monitor Car 30% Wheres smoker´s lounge?
75 splash No renting Car 100%
76 LethalWiz -sd- No renting Car 100% Klusterfuck Jansson
Prize pool info
We’re raising the stakes this year by a yet-to-be-decided amount of cash money, supported through crowdfunding via Paypal. The good samaritan Andeh will hold the pot and sets the rules for distribution and whatnot in consultation with the QH admins.

Do you want to contribute? Do you feel we could maybe convince the likes of griffin, dag or why not even Reload to attend, if the the prize is tasty enough? :)
Awesome On-Site Caster Duo
Jehar & Andeh
What would the event be without a good cast? Nada!
So, Jehar and are flying in from the US to deliver top notch commentary together with ingame specialist Andeh from sdTV.
One lucky soul at the event will get his hands on a mythical Warzon trophy, which only a handful living yet possess. This prize is not awarded any tournament winner, but rather The Most Entertaining Player, who warzon himself single-handedly handpick.
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